Colegio Malvar, Erasmus +



    Date Description
    Tuesday 26th January 2021  Initial meeting with the project partners
    Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Presentation with information about your school, the local area etc. How you currently teach English in your school.
    Tuesday 18th May 2021 Websites or apps that we use to help early reading / phonics word vocabulary and we planned an activity for the young children in Primary. It is called “My City Project”.
    Wednesday 16th June 2021 We chose one day to leave de school with a selected students from 4th primary grade to record with them some videos around the City Arganda del Rey. They visited the places, then used photos to help the children describe their area. After that, in class they made a presentation with the videos to the partners of the different countries.
    Tuesday, 19th October
    We proposed in the last meeting the following statements:
    1. An extension for one year to August 2023 because of Covid Restrictions.
    2. Mobilities to the partners’ countries: 
    Mobility 1 – UK – February/March 2022
    Mobility 2 – Czechia – June 2022
    Mobility 3 – Romania – November 2022
    Mobility 4 – Turkey – February 2023
    Mobility 5 – Spain – May 2023
    Ideally for us, the UK mobility will Sunday 27th February – Saturday 5th March. How does this work for everyone?

    3. Pen Pals project: to be part of the pen pals and state how many children and their ages could participate.

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